Anna Szell

Ever since Data Science was deemed as the sexiest job of the 21st century by HBR in the early 2010s, everyone is obsessed with building the coolest, shiniest, most complex machine learning algorithms available. And rightfully so — it is super exciting and can be mind-bending at times. However, in the past 3.5 years, I have realized that it's all nice and stuff but unless you have the basics covered, your awesome recommending engine won't do much for your product. So I have worked with my stakeholders to understand our consumers and how we can build a product that suits their needs - and maybe even makes their life a little bit better. I will talk about how to measure the success of a software product through real-life examples, and how to deal with stakeholders used to listening to their gut - or fixated on building a complex model for a simple task.

Speaker - Anna Szell - Product Data Scientist at Shapr3D

I've started my data journey in early 2016 while working at PwC, and have been obsessed with building products that consumers love ever since. Among other things, I was part of the team building a loyalty app for Pampers in its early days, spent 1 year at Skyscanner leading app product analytics, and most recently I am working at Shapr3D, where we are disrupting the CAD industry.
Talk Title: Make It or Break It - How Product Analytics Helps Building Software Products